Monday, August 29, 2016

Fixing Outlook

One morning, you discover that your email messages no longer are associated correctly, they do not display any icon, and they will not open as .msg messages. After researching the matter, you decide to just do an uninstall/reinstall, which does fix the problem. But all your settings are gone, and your Auto-Suggest for email addressees brings up nothing. Easy fix for that: Open a new email; open your address book and select all and insert them into the "to" column; put Outlook in OFF-LINE mode and send the email which put it in the Outbox; delete it from the Outbox. From now on, the auto-suggest addressees will appear. Unfortunately, that's just one setting corrected. How long will it take you to get all your settings back to where you want them? Pretty much all day, especially if you have take time out to go to World Market to replace the pasta bowl you accidentally dropped and broke the night before. If you do, be sure to take one of your existing bowls with you because otherwise you might have to go back again having bought the wrong-sized bowl. They aren't that different in size, but even a small difference will interfere with their stacking ability.

Compare this: White Coupe Flared Rim Serving Bowl

With this: Large  White Textured Stoneware Bowl

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