Friday, August 12, 2016

Hamilton the Soundtrack PS

Although the videos are not, the soundtrack of Hamilton with the original cast is also available to stream for free on You Tube. But the link below is the best, because it is the "rap genius" website, where it gives you the lyrics, and also gives you good historical background, in addition to all the rap songs that L-MM used as influences. In the lyrics, if you click on anything in green, you get L-MM's comments; if it's in grey, you get the "genius" rap commentators' remarks, which are a treat, and Ron Chernow (who wrote the book the show is based on) also chimes in a few times. 

The music is really beautiful, and beautiful voices. The 3 top performers (Hamilton, Burr, and Hamilton's wife) have all left the cast as of just a few weeks ago. That's one reason that tickets are not as unaffordable now.  Our Hamilton was Michael Luwoye, not Lin-Manuel, but I really enjoyed ours, who had a much stronger voice than L-MM. Renee Elise Goldsberry, who was off the night we saw it, is really terrific on the soundtrack as the sister of Hamilton's wife. She played the mean assistant state's atty on the Good Wife, who sort of had an affair with Cary. But the woman who played her Monday, was also fantastic. 

Finally, the soundtrack is probably about 97% or maybe 100% of the play. There is very little non-rapping, non-singing in the play. So, if you listen to the soundtrack, you know the play. 

Best Hamilton Soundtrack Download Site ... Rap Genius

[Note: Some say Hamilton is a rap opera. Others, perhaps speaking more precisely, say it is a hip-hop opera]

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