Friday, August 26, 2016

HBO, HBO On Demand, The Night Of,

The Night Of is HBO's highly-acclaimed hot new 8-part mini-series. Seven episodes have aired and the finale airs Sunday. Here is one person's (named Daedalus, but will call him D) recent journey through the HBO/Cox labyrinth:

D calls Cox at 3 pm and adds HBO for $10/month cancelable at any time. D cannot find TNO on Cox/HBO's On Demand listing. D calls Cox tech support and they can't find it either, so D cancels HBO. An hour later D calls Cox about a different issue, and is assured TNO is in the HBO On Deman listing, and the rep will stay on the line until its found, and offers HBO for $5/month. D adds HBO back on and the rep cannot find TNO and puts D on hold, who hangs up after 10 minutes. D then calls back to the Loyalty Department to tell them about the glitch in HBO On Demand. While on the phone explaining the problem, D discovers that if one, instead of selecting the first listing of HBO that comes up in the On Demand/Premium listing, one scrolls down past about 10 channels, another HBO will appear, and schzam, there's TNO. D educates the Cox rep and suggests that the tech support staff might be educated as well. The Cox rep offers to put D back on HBO for $5/month. With a little gentle persuasion, D convinces the Cox rep to give D the first month free, which the rep agrees to.

D is really looking forward to TNO, which given what D's gone through, better be good. Given that Omar from The Wire and John Turturro are in it, it's hard to believe it won't be.

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