Thursday, August 25, 2016

Preventing and Minimizing Water Damage

While on a trip, a water line broke in a loyal reader's house, causing substantial damage. He graciously has shared some valuable lessons learned from this costly event with our Home Safety Department. Here are the highlights:

1. One easy way to prevent water damage while you are away, just shut-off the main water valve. Unfortunately, this might be impractical if you have a sprinkler system or automatic water leveler for your pool. Fortunately, you can do what our smart reader did which was to re-install the shut off valve to inside house after the sprinkler and water-leveler take off points. Therefore, the water is shut off from the house but not from the sprinkler system or the pool
2. If you have an alarm system or home automation system, there surely will be water detector alert accessories you can add to the system for a very low cost.

3. Even if you don't have a home security or automation system, for about $10, you can get stand-alone warning devices from anywhere, including Amazon: Link to Water Alerts on Amazon

4. Note that water detection is helpful if you are at home, or your system will give you an email or text alert, but detection without more will not stop the flooding. That's where shut-off systems come in and, while not as inexpensive as simple alert systems, compared to the loss you could encounter, it might be the best few hundred dollars (or even less) you can spend. Again, such shut-off systems are available from any home security company or home automation system, and you can find them even on Amazon: Link to Water Shutoff Systems

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