Monday, August 22, 2016

Seinfeldia 2

[Prefatory Note: The previous Seinfeldia posting had said it was a running review, not waiting until the book ended. And that was true as such. But, I hit the Publish button before I was finished the book. Indeed, that post covered about the first third of the book. I apologize to anyone who might have felt personal pain for posting too soon. This post covers the next third of the book]

The book begins to drag. Not that it is uninteresting, but it dwells in laborious detail with describing scenes from the show, dribbling conversations between cast members and cast and crew, and pointless recountings of little bios and current events involving new appearances by cameo actors and new writers and other crew members. Whatever new stuff is unveiled, it is difficult to see if anyone might care. It might be the author is being paid by the page. But still, even during this what I hope is a valley, you do laugh with great frequency as the great lines and plots and endings are revisisted.

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