Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seinfeldia 3 (Last Entry re This Book)

The last portions of the book deal with post-Seinfeld stuff. Everyone realizes the fabulous syndication run it continues to have, but few likely know that some scenes from aired episodes were re-shot, or re-dubbed, or re-casted before they went into syndication (e.g., to have the actor who played the most in a given role (e.g., Jerry's father) be played in an earlier episode where another actor had appeared). There is extended discussion of what various actors did after the show ended, most of which is not very interesting, but supposedly is the prelude to the author's view of Seinfeldia. This gives credence to the idea of a Seinfeld curse but also belies it. In its worst moment, the book takes a shot at CYE, as it proclaims Seinfeld the best television show ever, having surplanted, and I'm not kidding, I Love Lucy and the Mary Tyler Moore show in that ranking. Finally, the book introduces its main character, Seinfeldia, which supposedly has taken over the world. Even a person steeped in sociological training would have difficulty understanding, as a politician might say, "What the Hell is going on here folks?"

[Conclusory Note: If you read this book on Kindle, the text actually ends at the 65% mark with supposedly 35 minutes of reading left. Actually, at the mark, some photos appear a few of which are mildly entertaining, followed by countless pages of of notes and such. I say this not as criticism, but rather, to inform the reader that he or she will finish the book much sooner than the bottom of the pages would have one believe]

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