Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stonewall Kitchen Towels

Our Kitchen Department has always favored waffle drying towels. But one of our reps recently was gifted with a Stonewall Kitchen towel. It's fabulous and looks great. We went to order more and were pleased to see they cost just $5.95 or less depending on color (our navy color choice was $5.95). However, we were shocked to learn that the shipping charge would be $9.75 for one towel or two towels or three towels. We immediately brought the issue to SK's attention and tried very hard to work with them on their shipping charges (suggesting they use USPS which would cut the shipping charge in half or even more so), but they are thick-necked, obtuse, uncooperative, and obstinate, and so we ultimately gave up. Unfortunately, while Amazon and eBay have SK towels, they do not seem to have this one, which is what we want:

Denim Blue Tea Towel

Link to Stonewall Kitchen Website

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