Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Night Of (TNO)

If, like me, you know little or nothing about the criminal justice system, or you just appreciate tense drama, TNO is going to knock you out. It drills down brilliantly on the criminal justice system (albeit giving a contradictory perspective than that given expertly as well by the SUV series), and is the zenith of tense drama. Indeed, you might decide after Episode 2 or even after Episode 1, that you can't take it any more and just to skip to Episode 8 because the tension is just too high. In all events, it is fantastic, must-see TV. The casting and acting are absolutely first rate, as is the photography, which appears to be done mostly in single-camera shots typically done only in comedies, but done fantastically here.

Three notes of caution: (i) If you are squeamish about eczema, have your fast forward button ready (and fear not, it's hard to see where the eczema scenes actually add to the story); (ii) don't try to figure out why they changed the lead actor's real name of Riz to Naz when Riz would have worked fine; (iii) be sure to turn on close captions not because you need them for the dialogue but because the music/lyrics (often in rap) are coordinated to the story and the close captioning will help you understand the music/lyrics; and (iv) you will be delighted to see not only actors from The Wire, but writers as well, as well as a terrific actor from Monk (John Turturro). Bill Camp as Sgt. Box will knock you out.

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