Saturday, August 27, 2016

Verizon One Talk

Verizon is pushing its One Talk service. While it has various features, the core feature is that, if you subscribe, calls to your Verizon number will ring on your designated Verizon smart devices and on your Verizon desktop phone, for an additional charge of $20/month. What is astounding about this is that Google Voice will give you this same "one number" capability on any phone you want, landline and smart phone of any manufacturer, and you can add phones and subtract them at any time, as well as enable you to make free long distance calls from any landline, and Google Voice is free. It would seem the geniuses at Verizon who likely invested millions into this technology, and who are spending millions to promote it, and very well might reap millions in profit, are devotees of P.T. Barnum's view that there is a fool or sucker born every minute.

Historical Note: As this article explains, P.T. Barnum likely did not coin that phrase: Link to Historical Note

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