Monday, August 15, 2016

Warning re Amazon

I'm going to omit the painful, very painful, details, and just skip to the warning: Never buy a bulky item (such as an appliance, or TV, or even a beverage center) from Amazon. It likely will not be delivered inside but, worse, if there is any problem, Amazon is incapable or unwilling to contact the manufacturer other than using the same customer support number that doesn't work for you, and the only thing Amazon will do is a refund or return and re-deliver, in which event, you will have to package back up the product in the same way it was delivered to you. Good luck on that. If you learned your lesson on a $200 Danby beverage center, consider yourself lucky. Do not learn the lesson on an expensive or bigger item. There's a reason God put on this planet. Do not forsake it.

PS: As a follow-up, it is meet to note that a detailed email to Amazon of the problems encountered produced an email assurance from Amazon that it would take appropriate action with Danby and Amazon also would refund 30% of the purchase price and pay for a local technician to fix the problem. Here is the text of that email that produced that welcomed result:

If you look at the notes, you will see the multiple phone calls and emails trying to resolve the problem, all to no avail. Please actually read the following to the end before sending a response, especially any stock response, and escalate this matter before responding:

1. The product is represented on Amazon's website as having a light that goes on and off automatically when the door is open and closed. If that is a true representation, my unit is defective. According to various comments, that is NOT a feature of this unit, in which event that is a false representation. I do not know if it is true or false and no one at Amazon seems to know either.

2. I have tried to contact the manufacturer (Danby) by phone and email on several occasions. Danby does not answer the phone, does not allow for call backs, and does not answer by email.

3. I have asked Amazon to contact Danby to have Danby contact me. But, it seems the only number any Amazon rep has is the same number I have, and Amazon has not been able to get through (even while keeping me on hold for over a half hour).

4. Amazon has offered a return and replacement, but only through UPS. I am a senior citizen and do not have the means or ability to wrap the product to meet UPS standards and there is no need for a return if the light in fact is not supposed to go on and off automatically. I also do not want to deal with UPS because when it delivered the product, it would not even bring it inside the front door, leaving it instead outside in plain view.

5. I clearly made a mistake by ordering this item through Amazon instead of Costco, which I know can contact its suppliers and get results and I know would do a proper replacement and removal. You can rest assured that I have learned my lesson which is that, when it comes to large bulky products, like this or a television or an appliance, etc., I NEVER will buy through Amazon. The delivery and return processes are just too painful. This has been a most painful lesson, but I'm glad I learned it on a $200 item and not an item that was much more expensive (like a large appliance or television). I likely will continue my Prime membership and buy small things from Amazon, but NEVER again anything like this. I know I'm just one customer, although I wonder how many others have the same experience and view. In all events, maybe Amazon's conduct in this circumstance makes perfect business sense for Amazon and saves it money somehow. Fortunately, though, I have alternatives so that this kind of thing does not repeat itself with Amazon.

6. Finally, given the useless hours I've spent with Amazon on this matter already, I do not need a response. But, if Amazon does want to contact me, please do not do so unless it's by someone with authority to do something to rectify the situation, i.e., someone who can actually contact Danby or arrange for a proper pickup.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I trust you understand I have taken the time to set this out as favor to Amazon in the sense of giving it constructive feedback.


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