Thursday, September 22, 2016

FedEx Warning

If you hand a package to a FedEx driver, and he or she is kind enough to take it, do not panic if you do not "see" it in the FedEx tracking system that same day, even if it's a return of a cable box to Cox who will charge you $400 or more if the box is not received by them and there's no proof FedEx ever got its, and even if the first FedEx rep you talk to tells you FedEx does not have the box and it has no way of knowing who the driver was, at which point of course you should ask to speak to a supervisor who will confirm FedEx can determine who the driver is and she will assure you that she will contact the local center to see if they can find the box and she will give you the number of the local center, and again don't panic when the local center can't find the box, because, as it turns out, the driver often will not return to the local center where the first scan will take place until the next day because he normally does not have boxes to deliver. All that said, it is safer to give the box to a FedEx place and get a receipt which in effect will be the first scan and you won't have to go through a whole day of panic.

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