Thursday, September 1, 2016

Free Plant Self-Watering System

[Courtesy of cnet]

All you need is a wine bottle to keep your plants alive while you're away.

Don't impose upon a neighbor to water your plants while you're on vacation.  All you need to make a automatic plant waterer is a wine bottle.
  1. Water your plants like you normally would
  2. Fill up the wine bottle with water
  3. Hold the wine bottle over the plant's pot
  4. Flip the bottle over and quickly stick the neck of the bottle into the soil
  5. Lean the bottle against the edge of the pot to keep it upright
Now, you would think all of the water would just pour out of the bottle into the plant and create an indoor swamp. Our Hydrology Department has run extensive studies and can assure you that will not happen. Because the soil is already wet, the water in the bottle won't flow into the soil. As the soil gradually dries, it absorbs water from the bottle, little by little. 
A wine bottle of water typically lasts one week in larger plants, like potted trees, and two to three weeks in smaller plants, like ivys and begonias. I've been using this trick for years and I've never been greeted by the wilted forms of my leafy pets upon returning home. 
Most wine bottles should work fine. Our Hydrology Department recommends using Yellow Tail Chardonnay bottles. Be sure to empty the bottle of the chardonnay (by drinking it or pouring it out) before using it for your plant watering system.

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