Monday, September 12, 2016

How Hillary Could Be "Replaced" on the Ballot

On NPR this morning, Cokie Roberts alluded to their being "talks" among top Democrats in DC about replacing Hillary on the ballot, presumably with Biden, on the November ballot. As our loyal readers know, this blog does not do politics. But, given the knee-jerk reaction that doing so would be impossible, our Creative Thinking Department (CTD) was asked if that could possibly be done given all the practicalities of ballots having been printed in many states and other state deadlines etc. And, not surprising given the brilliant ideas the CTD has come up with in the past, it did it again. Here is how such a switcheroo could be done:

Clinton announces that she no longer wants to serve as President of the United States, but that she will do everything possible to be sure Trump is not elected. So, she makes the following announcement: "I am supporting Biden for President. I will continue to run and stay on the ballot, but after I win, the moment I am sworn in, Kaine will resign, I will announce that I am appointing Biden as Vice President, and I am resigning the Office of the Presidency, and then he will be President and can be sworn in right then, and he can re-appoint Kaine as Vice President."

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