Saturday, September 3, 2016

Justified (2010-15)

Even if it weren't free on Amazon Prime, based on the first two episodes, Justified is absolutely superb. The casting is amazing, especially the lead, whose character here is not that different than his character in Deadwood. But he does speak a bit different, because if you listen closely, his Justified speech pattern echoes Clint Eastwood' speech pattern. None of the characters are stilted or stereotyped. They all have a depth to them. The photography is stunningly clear, with many one-camera scene shots which always are refreshing. And speaking of refreshing, breaking with a bad trend of long theme songs that have to be fast-forwarded through and muted, Justified's theme song is refreshing and short. Also speaking of refreshing, while quite a few people get shot, there is no dwelling on violence or gore, so it's a series for the whole family, and even the squeamish will revel in it. In sum, if you were living under a log between 2010 and 2015 and missed Justified, consider yourself in great luck for what lies ahead of you.

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