Thursday, October 13, 2016

Alternative Condo Living

Many of our staff have had it with the upkeep on their homes and are looking for low-maintenance lock-and-leave convenience of a condo. Unfortunately, finding a place with 2,000 sf in a nice area that is affordable has been a real problem. Our Real Estate Department (RED) has come up with a creative and fantastic solution: Instead of buying one 2,000 sf unit, buy two 1,000 sf units. Here's the real breakthrough in thinking: They need not be contiguous and they need not be both available at the same time (you can live a little cramped until the second unit becomes available, and living in the complex might give you an edge on buying the second unit). The advantages of the two units not being contiguous are substantial: greater privacy during the day; much easier and less stressful way of accommodating guests; while you can still do home exchanges, you need not have to perfect overlapping of dates; and if money gets tight, you can rent out the second unit on a regular lease or Airbnb-type basis. Because of certain confidentiality provision, our RED cannot disclose yet where it's looking, but will do so in a future post.

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  1. I know a couple doing this. They've only just started, so I have no progress report. As a single person, I certainly can appreciate the appeal of having privacy and then living together sometimes. Interesting.