Thursday, October 13, 2016

Amazon Credit Trap

A loyal reader was issued a $20 credit in lieu of a refund to correct problems with orders involving Kelley General expandable hoses. He used that credit to buy Wrangler jeans. The jeans were too big, so he returned them and ordered smaller jeans. The refund issued on the jeans did not include the $20 and, in fact, the $20 credit just disappeared. The rep told him that's the way it is. That may be but it's NOT fair, as the reader explained to the rep. The rep ultimately did say she would issue back the $20 credit, so it looks like the issue is resolved. But, it must be said, that the credit does not issue back immediately is a really deficient procedure on Amazon's part, an issue that has been brought to Amazon's attention. Also, be warned: Try not to use any such credit on any order that you might be seeking to return for a refund, or you just might have to fight Amazon to restore the credit as this loyal reader did.

PS: If after getting the credit back from the rep on the phone, you write an email to Amazon explaining the problem and suggesting some easy fixes, you just might get yet another $20 credit. This means, in total, that you must might get two hoses for free, and $80 of cash and credit refunds.

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