Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Amazon Recourse

Suppose the following: You buy an expandable garden hose for $17 on Amazon. After functioning beyond your wildest dreams for 34 days, on the 35th day it went kaput. Amazon's return policy set an outside limit of 30 days. When you look to buy a replacement, the cost is now $30 (someone bought them all up at $17 and is now tran-shipping through Amazon, a practice described in a post some time ago). You write a very nice email to Amazon, not complaining at all, but just asking if you have any recourse. This might not happen every time, or ever again, but here is what could happen: Amazon will immediately refund the $17, and give you a $13 refund on buying a replacement hose, and waive a one-day shipping charge. Not kidding! And you can continue to see if you might get some redress from the seller before you pan the seller in a review.

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