Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Costco Shopping Tips

1. Usually, buying a product at Costco results in a huge price savings assuming you can handle the size of the product or the number of items bundled together. But, not always, especially with bundled items. It merits looking at the per-item cost because more often than you might imagine, the per-item charge is hardly less at all than the cost at your grocery for a single item.

2. In buying meat at Costco, it can pay big to look at the "Sell by Date" of any selection. For example, if you walked into Costco today (10/4) and saw a one pound French-cut rack of lamb with a Sell by (10/5), you would get it for $5, whereas the same item with a Sell by (10/12) would cost you $15. So, if you are ready to prepare the item promptly, you're talking an amazing bargain.

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