Sunday, October 16, 2016

Holiday Gifts

Our Concierge and Gift (CAG) Department has been asked again, as it has for the past 20 years, to recommend Halloween basket treats to give out, stocking-stuffer goodies, and Hannukah chotskies. Last year, as you might recall, the CAG Department recommended Brillo pads, which are cost-effective for the donors and always cherished for their usefulness by the donees. But this year, CAG urges you to spend a little more, and give out tickets to Hamilton. You cannot imagine the smiles you will bring to the recipients' faces, especially when they see the great stuff their parents will trade them under the pretense of being sure that there are no razor blades hidden in the tickets.

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If you're a bit of a cheap-skate, here is the next best "Hamilton gift": The book, Hamilton, The Revolution. It not only tells the story of Hamilton, and sets out all the lyrics, it tells the story of the making of Hamilton and it's absolutely riveting. Most of all, it gives an incredible glimpse into genius that will humble you for sure, but also will lift your spirits and admiration for the gifted artist. It's not a light read for sure, and doesn't always pack the action that make sagas so engrossing, as was the case with Shogun, but it surely is a must read. It's also simply a beautiful book, which is why breaking with tradition, CAG recommends the hard-cover version and strongly advises against the ebook version (and there really is one).

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