Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It Pays to Check and Ask, and a Good Word for

Although it is based on a faulty reading and application of the applicable regulations, assume your brokerage firm announces that it no longer will allow you to trade XIV in your retirement accounts. Given that XIV is the only non-fixed-income asset you trade, and you are sick because it means leaving your broker of 35+ years, you have no choice but to find a new brokerage firm, which you do. As a token of your appreciation for the great service you got from your broker, you order a case of wine delivered through

While the cost of wine is quite good on, shipping can be expensive, but you unflinchingly accepted the shipping charge of $35. Two days after placing your order, and on the day the order is supposed to ship, you check the website to see the order status, and to your shock you see a new promotion for 1-cent shipping on orders above a threshold, which your order is. You immediately call to ask that you be given the 1-cent shipping or that the order be cancelled so you can then place a new identical order and get the 1-cent shipping. Perhaps because of how nicely you asked, immediately agrees to do just one of those options and will let you know which it will be in a few hours.

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