Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Navdy Smart Windshield

If you bought a car recently, it likely has a smart windshield. But if you are still driving around with a dumb windshield, GREAT NEWS: For just $800, you can retrofit it with a Navdy and enjoy all the benefits of a smart windshield, and likely come quickly to head-slapping realization that you cannot imagine living without a smart windshield and how horrible life was before you had a smart windshield.

As a refresher, the portable $800 device does more than display your current speed. Via a companion app for iOS and Android, it also has turn-by-turn navigation, music controls and notifications for messages and calls. Basically, it's a see-through version of your smartphone on top of your dash, and most of the time that's great -- though, as I discovered, there are times when it becomes painfully obvious that it's not a factory-fitted item.

And the Navdy is all about going. The full-color HUD display is impressive. Simply flip up its display and adjust it to your viewing angle. It handles direct sunlight and the darkest night without being washed out, but isn't so bright that it burns your retinas. Information is presented clearly, which is what you'd want from something designed to keep your eyes on the road. Even when filled with information you're never distracted from what's ahead of you. By default, Navdy has adjusted the focus range of the display so that the images appear to hover over the hood of a car.

The actual information Navdy serves up varies from helpful to user-enabled overload. The navigation and turn-by-turn directions are great, which of course is likely the majority of what you'll do with it. Confusingly, these features are powered by Google search, but use HERE maps. It's odd, but it works well and that's all that matters. Since Navdy is hooked up to your OBD port for data and power, it also knows how much gas you have and your current speed, meaning this info is also available along with everything mentioned above.

Link to Navdy Website and Demo

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