Monday, October 17, 2016

Unreported Consequence of Trump's Losing

As our loyal readers know, we don't do politics on this blog. But predictions are not politics and that's what this post is--a mere prediction. Specifically, our Media Department has asked to share its research which confirms that, if Trump loses the election, and the country survives his scorched earth efforts to destroy every pillar that holds up our democracy, two results will ensue: (i) Trump, Banner (Breitbart), Ailes, Giuliani, Hannity, and Stone will launch an Alt-Right television channel dedicated to spreading far-right nut-job stuff when they can find time away from assaulting women employees and any woman who happens to wander into their offices or onto their sets; and (ii) Fox News will take such a big ratings hit that it just might find itself out of business.

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