Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bobcat Alert (Phoenix)

The neighbors of the Head of our Fish and Wildlife Department (FWD) live in North Central Phoenix. They have chickens. More precisely, they did. Until the other night when this discovered a bobcat in their backyard flossing his teeth and grinning with no apparent fear. He even mugged for their camera, and then jumped onto the wall that adjoins the property of the Head of our FWD. It's a veritable jungle out there with coyotes, javelinas, foxes, and now, bobcats. For those of our readers on the East Coast or other climes where the bobcat is not known, here is what a bobcat looks like:

Image result for bobcat

As you might now guessed, our Head of FWD has confirmed that it's name has nothing to do with a man or woman named "Bob."

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