Saturday, November 12, 2016

Excellent Flashight(s) at a Bargain Basement Price

Say it's a dark but not a stormy night, and you think you see water crossing your drive-way. You grab your flashlight and it doesn't work, and new batteries don't help. You grab your back-up flashlight and it too is dead. You take your phone out and turn on its flashlight, and confirm that the evil irrigator is flooding your property yet again. You report him, and the water company issues a Suspension Notice. But you are still without a real flashlight. So you go to The Amazon and, for under $10 you get 4 super-bright flashlights that, while small, are terrific and you can hang them on a peg. They are Prime eligible so you get them in 2-days with no shipping charge. So, you'll now have 3 spares and should never have to resort to your tablet or phone again if there's a water emergency:

Image result for byb super bright 9 led mini aluminum flashlight

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