Saturday, November 26, 2016

Holiday Gifts Part 1

Our highly-acclaimed Department of Gifts (DOG) hired thousands of temps to fan out on Black Friday looking for unique gifts. We found two:

If you hate getting the sticky-rice-finger-frustration (SRFF) making sushi rolls, this is the perfect gift to put on your wish-list and is a no-miss gift for anyone you know: The Sushezi. With it, no more SRFF. You just stuff the tube with rice and blowfish, and then wrap with nori. A bargain anywhere at $25. Link to Sushezi Website

 Sushezi Product

If you or a loved one is still using a Brother or other 20th Century label maker, and thought the day would never come when you could have or gift a stylish label maker that allows printing in handsome typefaces, DOG has good news for you: The DYMO is here. At just $130, and available everywhere, it lets one create beautiful labels on a smartphone and, unlike old label makers, it's stylish:

Image result for dymo mobile labeler

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