Saturday, November 19, 2016

If You Like Your Hotel, Give It a Bad Review

In 1970, two friends stayed at a fabulous game preserve lodging in Africa. Upon checking out, one of them told the clerk how amazing the $5/night rate was, and the other friend poked him with his elbow, to say: "Don't say that, they'll just raise the rates." Well, recent studies by the big travel websites have proven the elbow-pusher was correct. As it turns out, hotel rates correlate quite nicely with reviews such that, the better the reviews, the higher the rates. So, if you love your hotel and want to return, it is in your interest to trash it in your online reviews. At the same time, given that it's only a correlation, it is equally likely to conclude that people who pay higher rates tend to like their places and rate them higher, and it also is equally likely that higher cost places are just plain better.

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