Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Showerhead Recommendation

It is exceedingly rare when our Department of Showerheads (DOS) changes a recommendation, but it has. In 2014, it recommended a little showerhead with a powerful punch: Link to 2014 Little Showerhead Recommendation  It's still a great showerhead, but it has one drawback that almost all showerheads do: It will clog over time and needs to be de-clogged periodically (e.g., with CLR). That's where the High Sierra Showerhead comes in: It does not clogg. And, while it's low-flow (and will save you big time on your water bill), it does not feel low-flow at all--indeed, it's quite invigorating. And like the earlier recommendation, you can find it anywhere (including Amazon) for under $40. PS: If you order one model, and Amazon ships the wrong one, when you call to complain, Amazon will refund you the price of your first order, but not require you to send back that showerhead, in which event you will end up with two for the price of one.


Link to Extensive Review of the High Sierra Showerhead

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