Saturday, November 19, 2016

Persian Room (Scottsdale)

If you like Mediterranean and Middle Easter food, the Persian Room is a gem. Reservations are accepted but hard to get, the noise level is acceptable and eating outside it's fantastic, and parking is good. With those necessary but not sufficient conditions out of the way, the food is the best part, both in quality and quantity. Every is delicious and the portions are huge, while the prices are very reasonable (indeed, many of the choices are downright quite inexpensive even without regard to quantity). A good way for two people to go is order the mixed platter appetizer plate, a shmorgisborg of different stuff, and one main dish. And it is a mistake to order an extra skewer of anything. The service is top-notch ... extremely efficient and pleasant and not a whiff of snootiness. And, if you happen to be staying at the Scottsdale Princess, it's just 3 minutes away by car if you can find the resort's parking lot exit, and just 6 minutes away if you cannot find the exit. Likewise, it's a 3 minute drive back by car if you can find the resort's parking lot entrance, and 7 minutes by car if you cannot find the entrance.

Link to Persian Room Website

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