Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scottsdale Princess Resort (Scottsdale ... duh!)

If there's just two of you traveling, you're probably better off in a B&B or boutique hotel or Airnbnb place. But, if you're traveling in a group of 2,000 neuro-oncologists, and you know what a hoot they can be, and have children or grand-children in tow, the Scottsdale Princess Resort is not a bad choice at all. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and well, indeed very-well, appointed, although figuring out the shower would seem to need the skill of a brain surgeon and not a mere brain oncologist. The management and staff could not be more efficient or friendly, and the facilities are extensive. One serious word of caution: Do not order 2 bagels and 2 glasses of juice for a room service breakfast unless you revel in paying, with tax, service fee, and mandatory tip, $44, and I am NOT kidding. The better route is to go at 6:30 am to the 7:00 am meeting place and scoop up some Danish, yogurt, and fruit to take back to the room, which, if you haven't brought your own Tupperware (and it's a mistake not to), you can bring back in the laundry bag that's in your room's closet.

Link to Resort Website

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