Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Screenshots to "Remember" Your Screens (Icon Placement) and Settings

If you ever had to uninstall and re-install your applications on either a phone, tablet, or computer, and you didn't have your screen set-ups and settings (e.g., Outlook settings) committed to memory, the process to get back to where you were before you did the re-install can be laborious. It is easy to avoid the laborious just by taking and keeping screen shots of your icon arrays and settings (e.g., with your email program open). If you don't know how to do a screenshot on any device you want, just put "screenshots on X" (without quote marks and substitute your device model name and number for X) into The Google, and you'll immediately see how easy it is to do. After you've done so, store them in a place for easy retrieval, preferably on some other device (you can email the screenshot to it).

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