Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sing Street (2016)

In a world that went totally off the track this week as it got hijacked by one of the great cons in American history, escapism is much in demanded and much needed. Available on Netflix, Sing Street is not a perfect elixir by any means, but it is escapism. Set in 1980s Dublin, and beautifully shot in Ireland with a wonderful cast who turn in fabulous performances, the problem with this movie is that it tries to take on too much, everything from coming of age, family dysfunctionality, the difficulties of living in hard economic times, the problems of Catholic education (the credits note that the school where this was shot is not a progressive school of high calibre unlike what the movie portrays), mean teenagers, finding love, dealing with love, failed ambitions, and more, all set in the context of high-school kids forming a band so that lead can impress a girl he's smitten with. It surely does not rival The Commitments (which is a must-see movie), but the music is fresh and enjoyable. And while its ending is totally predictable, it's a happy ending, and the one thing we call can agree on given what happened this past week, we all can use happy endings--even if they now happen only in movies.

Link to Sing Street on IMDb

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