Tuesday, November 29, 2016

There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

Undoubtedly, all brokerage houses do this, but if you haven't attended a free lunch to hear a financial presentation, you are missing one of life's little pleasures. At least a Schwab, here's the deal: You get a wonderful free lunch (two delicious salads, two delicious pastas, refreshing bottled water); you get to listen to an informed panel talk about an interesting topic such as “generating yield in a low interest rate involvement”; it begins and ends right on time and lasts but an hour; no one tries to sell anything and there is absolutely NO pressure or even any effort to have you buy or do anything or even to have you talk to anyone; parking is excellent; if you're under 75, you just might be the youngest person in the room; if you listen to others' questions (e.g., "Can you tell us when the bubble we are in is going to burst?"), you will know you are not the dumbest person in the room; and, you can amuse yourself and perhaps delight others by asking a question or two (provided you do so in a totally polite, low-keyed, soft-spoken, and self-effacing way) that the presenters might have a little difficulty with.

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