Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This Is Us (2016)

[Prefatory Note: This is a new television series on NBC. Unfortunately, I never heard of it until several days ago. So, I set my DVR to record all shows, and one recorded last night, and I watched it. It was not the first episode. It clearly is well into the first season. This review, well let's call it a comment because it's not fair to call it a review, is based on this one episode]

It's not necessary, but it's always a big bonus, to have a great opening theme song, and this one is pretty good. Indeed, the music throughout is very good. Very refreshing. Beyond that, I have nothing positive to say. In fairness, I watched to the very end of the episode. Nevertheless, I could not figure out who these people were, what connected them, what they did, who was living where and why or with whom, or, most fundamentally, why anyone would care anything about any of them. I don't mean to be harsh. And I am open to watching again starting with the first episode if I hear great things about it. But, in the meantime, I fear being hip, or trying to be hip, or just obtuse, does not always translate into art. Nor does Seth Meyers showing up in the middle of a street scene while two brothers (one black and one white) are fighting on the ground as they have since playing against each other in football in high school in the preceding scene make the show demonstrably better or more realistic, even if it makes it more hip, which it doesn't. Many of the scenes flip back and forth to and from twenty years earlier, to demonstrate either that things don't change or that they do--it's unclear. Some of the dialog is passable, while much of it isn't close. It does have good music, but not good enough to bring me back.

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