Monday, December 19, 2016

Fry's (Phoenix Collonade) PS

As many of you early subscribers might remember, we used to have a qualifying exam (basically an IQ test) to be sure that our subscribers were smart enough to  understand the posts. When demand for the blog became so overwhelming, however, we dropped the exam. The unfortunate consequence is that, for those of you who grew up with the Safeway self-checkout, it looks like we need to go over again how to use the Fry's self-checkout, which turns out to be far superior. Here is what the self-checkout stand looks like:

Image result for fry's self checkout

1. There is a metal stand (not visible to the right of the screen). Do not put scanned items on it. It is not a scale, and the machine will bug you until you put the items in the right  place.

2. You can put them in the plastic bags, although we encourage you to bring your own cloth bag. You can put the cloth bags on the same things holding the plastic bags.

3. If you tell the helper (who is FABULOUS!) that you preferred the Safeway way of putting the items on the metal shelf first, and then bagging, because he's so polite and does not want you to feel like an idiot, he point to that huge metal shelf just left of and at the same level as the screen where you can do just that. He will also compliment you on becoming proficient with produce in just 3 visits, given that it takes most customers 5 visits.

On a separate matter, he will agree with you that re-painting the parking spaces to be at angles rather than perpendicular makes total sense, but it's the mall owner that insists on doing it the stupid perpendicular way. He will then applaud you for your choosing to park in the lot to the South of the store.

Finally, for those of you who like to do the "CPR trick" discussed in the earlier post on Fry's, note that the Fire Brigade comes each Monday about 9:30 am to do their shopping and there always seems to be one firewoman in the brigade.

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