Monday, December 12, 2016

Fry's vs. Safeway (North Central Phoenix)

Since Safeway has removed its self-checkout machines, the checkout has become a nightmare. The "three's a crowd" service does not really work, and there is no limit on the number of items one can have to use the supposed expedited service, so get ready to wait, sometimes an inordinate time to checkout, even if you have just a few items.

Fry's has self-checkout machines. In fact, it's got so many that there's no wait to use one (as there often was at Safeway which had just a few when they had them). Fry's is big and bright and has a great selection of stuff. Other than the price of chicken salad and tuna salad at its deli counter (which are nearly double Safeway's prices), Fry's prices and selections are as good and often better than Safeway's, especially select fruits (88 cents for raspberries and blackberries) and vegetables (Fry's has whole radishes with no stems which Safeway stopped carrying years ago). Fry's also has 6-packs of tonic which Safeway eliminated a long time ago, and you can find baby powder at Fry's which Safeway hides except for select customers. The only two drawbacks of Fry's vs. Safeway is that the parking is not as good, with people meandering all over the parking lot, and, for those who care about such things, the clientele might not appear quite as upscale. Finally, one word of caution: Do not throw away your receipt before leaving the store, especially if you buy liquor, because all kinds of alarms will go off as you leave if you forgot to have the security cap taken off the liquor.

PS: If you feign a situation calling for mouth-to-mouth CPR near an attractive firewoman, you might have an "immediate recovery plan" in place should she call one of the firemen who is with her to step in and save you.

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