Monday, December 19, 2016

Google Alerts

Just when you think that any college educated tech savvy person would know the basics, you are stunned to learn that there is one out there who does not know and has not even heard about Google Alerts. Having had doubts about our mission, it now is clear that this blog was put on this earth to reach and rescue such person from his or her cave-dwelling existence. With Google Alerts, you just put in whatever event or whomever person you want an alert about and you will get an alert if anything pops up anywhere about that event or that person. For example, if you put in "Sarah Palin" (without the quote marks), you will get an alert if she ever does anything, says anything, or is reported about in any way. You might consider putting yourself in to see who might be saying anything about you. This link will take you to the Google Alert home page and explain anything else you might want to know about Google Alerts: Link to Google Alerts

PS: We couldn't say it better than Michael Keaton did in Night Shift: Night Shift 9 Second Link

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