Sunday, December 4, 2016

Manual Drawer Alternative

If you have no retention system for manuals for your various gadgets, appliances, and such, just stop reading here, for there is no hope. But if you throw them all into a drawer or two or such, you know what a hassle it is to find what you're looking for. Our Organization and Collection Department (OCD) has a brilliant recommendation, that costs very little and can be implemented in a very short time: Buy two 3" binders; buy A-Z divider tabs 3-hole punched; buy a box of 3-hole punched protector pouches; and then put each of your manuals into a protector pouch along behind the appropriate tab. You can also include extra keys or hardware (allen wrenches) that might go with the gadget (e.g., the beverage container or tool chest) in the pouch. Doing a table of contents is easy and helpful. The only downside to this fabulous rainy-day project is that the fun you will have doing it with your partner or other family members doesn't last longer because the project takes such little time to accomplish.

Recommended Binder (from Staples):

Staples Better 1.5-Inch 3-Ring View Binder, Blue (13400)

Recommended Alphabetic Dividers (from Staples):

Avery® Office Essentials™ AVE11677 Index Divider, Multicolor, A-Z

Recommended Sleeve Pouch Protectors (from Staples):

Staples Standard Sheet Protectors, 200/Pack

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  1. Putting in a plug for an accordion binder for the same purpose, though it lacks the TOC fun.