Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mozart in the Jungle Season 3 Episode 1

Mozart in the Jungle started out good in Season 1. It slowly degenerated and by the second half of Season 2, it got insufferable. You would think they would just cancel the series. But, no. They went on to Season 3, in what appears to be the goal of making it even worse than Season 2. The plot is stupid, the dialogue is stupid, each scene is stupid, and there's no suspense. Even if taking a water taxi in Venice is appealing, and it does look appealing, you don't need to wait to the last 30 seconds of Episode 1 ... just watch here: Water Taxi in Venice  I was so happy to have a break from Justified, but now, I'd watch Justified 24/7 before continuing on with Mozart in the Jungle.

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