Friday, December 9, 2016

Sony TV PS

As noted in an earlier post, if you think you might need customer support, do NOT buy a Sony TV. And if you have a Sony TV, do not bother calling Sony support unless you want them to send you irrelevant emails or tell you to take it into a repair shop. Nor should you bother looking at Sony's support documents or calling Sony support or looking at anyone on The Google's advice as to how to update the TV's firmware, which likely is the only solution you need to have the TV be able to acquire internet content (e.g., Netflix and Amazon Prime), because they all leave out one essential step. I'll stop here to let you have your own three days of fun trying to figure out what that step is or, if you keep reading, here it is: You not only have to extract the firmware download zip file, you have to extract all from zip file and copy the extracted file to the USB stick. Once you insert that USB stick into your Sony TV, the firmware will update automatically in a couple of minutes, and the TV is fixed.

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