Thursday, December 15, 2016

Stove Hoods and Amazon

Amazon Tip: Let's say you want to replace your current stove hood (that has a 1950s spaceship kind of look) with a sleeker looking hood, and you want to buy it through Amazon because of its return policy and free shipping and 2-day delivery. You need to know how many Amazon has in inventory because your contractor has not yet said this hood will work in your space, and Amazon's website does not tell you how many they have in inventory and Amazon won't tell you (not because they are secretive but because the rep has trouble understanding the issue or anything you ask her). If you call the manufacturer, in this case ADKY, they can tell you how many of those precise hoods they have stored at Amazon (Amazon's website gives the impression there might be only one, but as you now have found it, it has about 100).

Hood Tip: When it comes to stove hoods, more expensive might mean better, but it is a better most of you will never need. Thus, if you turn on the exhaust infrequently and rarely cook stuff that needs a heavy duty exhaust, you will do just as well with a hood that costs under $500 as you will with a hood that costs over $1,500. Even Spencer's, which does not sell hoods under $1,000, will tell you that, and you're just sorry they didn't tell you that when you bought the spaceship hood from them 10 years ago.

Here's a great hood for under $400:

AKDY 36" Stainless Steel AZ-627i-PS3-90 Flat Grease Filter Island Mount Range Hood.

Here's a much more expensive hood that has an embarrassing spaceship look:

Image result for ge range hood

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