Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday 12/18 NYT Print Edition: A Puzzle Bonanza

The regular Sunday NYT Magazine (12/18) puzzle is a total hoot. Every clue appears twice. So, while the grid is not your standard mirror image, the answers are. It's amazing.

Even more amazing is the special insert. If you like Spelling Bee, Spirals, Split Decisions, and Going Too Far puzzles that appear on Sundays, you'll love it. Spelling Bee is more letters has to be 6-letters and you cannot use the same letter twice in a row; Spirals is longer than normal, and Split Decisions is bigger than normal. There's also a giant crossword but it has a Tuesday-Thursday difficulty level so only someone with absolutely nothing to do and a high tolerance for boredom would do it. And then there are 25+ more puzzles. 

If you no longer watch the Sunday morning talk shows, which many people no longer do because they have just had it with supposed "news" shows giving equal treatment to (or even any airing of) absurd and dangerous views and outright lies, this special insert supplement will make your day, even if you have to scour on Monday to find un-sold NYT print editions (many Starbucks open at 4 am and some Safeways are open 24 hours, and both carry the NYT).

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