Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Crown (2016 Netflix)

The Crown is a new Netflix original series. It is the story of Queen Elizabeth II starting soon before her father dies (oops, sorry if that was a plot-spoiler) through her reign and passing (oops again). Based on Episode 1, it's not great by any means, and certainly does not make one think or pose any issues. At the same time, it is pleasant to watch, is beautifully photographed with wonderful scenery, and the acting is in the main quite good. As a special bonus, if you liked Jared Harris in Mad Men, at least up until he committed suicide, you'll love him as King George VI (not to be confused with King George in Hamilton). On the other hand, Matt Smith as Prince Philip is not so good. But on the third hand, what's not to like about John Lithgow as Winston Churchill, and the glimpses of Churchill are terrific. In all, if you are looking for something mellow to break up your Justified or Orange Is the New Black binge, The Crown is a very nice elixir.

IMDb Link to The Crown

Three King George Sons From Hamilton

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