Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tipping Lodging Cleaning People PS

A loyal reader has done some reader has done some research on The Google about tipping cleaning people and has shared with us two tips. First, when it comes to amount, while there is no set rule or lodestone (as there is a percentage guide in food server tipping), a few dollars per night is better than nothing, $5 per night would seem okay, and $10 per night is generous. In all events, take the following into account: the cleaning person likely is making minimum wage; tips could be the key factor in making the cleaning person's life bearable; the difficulty of cleaning your room (e.g., how messy you are); the quality of the cleaning done; and the time it took to clean. Second, if you go the tip-every-day we have suggested, it is ESSENTIAL to leave a note with the tip that it is a tip to be taken by the cleaning person. If you just leave cash, the cleaning people are instructed to assume it is just cash left out and not a tip and to leave it.

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