Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Two Traveling Tips

1. If something goes blooey in your travels, or even if it doesn't, and you need a place to stay that night, Hotel Tonight is an indispensable app. It will find hotels close by and at great rates. Link to Hotel Tonight

2. If you travel to a different time zone and your auto date/time set does not change the time on your phone, you might be tempted to switch off auto-set and set the correct local time. If you then discover that the order of your text messages gets all messed up (e.g., instead of going back and forth in the texts and instead going all your texts and then all the responses), go back to auto-date/time set and your text message ordering will be correct. Of course, your stated time might be wrong. Alternatively, if you use Textra instead of your standard messaging app, you can avoid the problem altogether and have the correct time displayed. Other advantages of Textra were discussed in an earlier post. Link to Textra Download

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