Sunday, January 1, 2017

App Settings

Whatever App you are using, if you just install it and use it you will be short-changing yourself unless you spend time with its settings. For every app from Google Maps, to Uber, to your keyboard, to your email and texting programs, to your Kasa (for controlling your smart bulbs and other smart devices), to your camera, to your music, to your games, there will be a myriad of customizations and options in the app's settings that will make the app easier and faster to use by creating short-cuts and defaults to suit you, to enable features that help you, and to disable features that get in your way (e.g., if you find your keyboard is correcting your typing and not letting you do short-hands, you can stop this in the keyboard's settings). Here is a good rule of thumb: If there's something you want your app to do or not do, it is a virtual certainty the app's settings will do the trick. And if you cannot find such a setting, just type into The Google what you want to do, the app's name, and the device's name and model.

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