Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ballet in New Mexico

As our loyal readers likely know, this blog has received the highest critical acclaim and many awards for its reviews of various art genres. What might not be known is that we also support the arts in several other ways. One way we do this is by scouting for new talent and, when we find it, we take the person under our wing and personally attend to the training and all other aspects of the talent's life. Here is our latest success, which also just happens to be the God-daughter of the Director of our Creative Arts Department (CAD). She has danced the part of Clara in the Santa Fe production of the Aspen/Santa Fe Ballet Company's last two season's performance of the Nutcracker, and likely will do so again this year, so this Xmas, head to Santa Fe and take in the show: Link to Aspen/Santa Fe Ballet Company Ticket Sales  This is she, and it's not photo-shopped:

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