Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Caution re UPS and USPS

Re UPS: Do not set up an account with UPS. There is no ostensible advantage to doing so but there is a risk. When any shipper gives UPS your account number, whether intentionally or by accident (e.g., it's one number off the shipper's account number), you will end up being charged, but will learn about it for the first time 6 months later with a mail notice that in 30 days your account receivables will be turned over to a collection agency. If this happens to you, call the UPS Fraud Department at 877-869-7502, and challenge the charges. While the UPS reps likely will be very nice, be sure to follow-up vigilantly because UPS's procedures are a bit antiquated in terms of keeping you informed of the status of the fraud investigation, a matter that has been escalated by CAD (our Consumer Affairs Department) to help protect you in the future.

Re USPS: Although putting a hold on your mail deliveries while you are away is very easy and convenient, there is a risk. When you get home, you find that your held mail has not been delivered on the scheduled date. As aggravating as that is, it pales in comparison to the fury you will feel when, after arriving at the post office to inform them about the matter, there is no one to inform, and one of the two clerks serving the 20 people in line to send packages, will tell you that she will not ask for someone to help you until you wait in line and get to her station, at which point she will ask for someone to help you, nor do they answer the bell at the locked door, nor do they answer the phone. The clerk might also offer complete idiocy, such as, "Maybe you had too much mail in which event we won't deliver it," testing the extreme of your limit to not start stomping your feet and screaming out every bad word you know fitting to a person of such, well let's put it this way:  Link to Best Outrage Ever You can send a complaining tracer email on USPS.com for all the good that will do. In the future, you might be better off having a neighbor or your home exchange partner take in your email. [PS: As it turns out, Walter, the normal delivery person, had the scheduled delivery date off and his sub had no clue ... they never do. Today, Walter delivered the held mail with an apology, restoring CAD's faith in humanity]

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