Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Don't Let Amazon Hood-Wink You

If Amazon fails to service you in the manner to which you are entitled, such changing the delivery date on a range hood to 3-days from 2-days, you surely are entitled to register a complaint. If you email them, you likely will get a fawning apology, some palabras, and an offer to extend your Prime membership by a month. Of course, the month extension has but a trivial monetary value if you were going to renew your membership anyhow. But, if you send a riposte email, explaining the trivial nature of the offered accommodation, you very well might get an accommodation of some value (e.g., $10-20 credit against future purchases) or Amazon might find a way to meet its 2-day delivery obligation. Here's what such a hood might look like:

 AKDY 36" Stainless Steel AZ-627i-PS3-90 Flat Grease Filter Island Mount Range Hood.

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