Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kitchen & Bath Remodel (Phoenix): Signature Kitchen & Bath

If you are doing any kind of kitchen or bath remodel, Signature Kitchen & Bath should be Number 1 on your list. They did a kitchen remodel that focused on a range hood replacement, which might sound like an easy job, but it wasn't. Indeed, it was more difficult than anyone could have expected given the reconfiguration and realignment of the support system that had to be done, but Signature performed at every turn at the highest level of professionalism and skill. They had the chance to cut hours off the job by doing an install in a way that the owner might never would have realized was off just a bit. Unfortunately, many if not most firms and personnel in that position would have taken the easy way out. But Signature brought the issue to the owner's attention, and then spent the time needed to do the job perfectly, and all with good cheer. In addition, Signature was on-time at every step, all its personnel were highly professional, courteous, and helpful at every turn, they took great pains to make sure everything was properly covered and protected during the job and cleaned up afterwards, and its charges were exceedingly reasonable. In short, Signature is as good as it gets, or even better.

Contact: Signature Website  602-272-4588

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