Sunday, January 22, 2017

Music Player That Displays Song Lyrics

If you enjoy music with song lyrics, you probably have tried Musixmatch Lyrics as it has a huge collection of song lyrics in its database accessible online. It is convenient to use Musixmatch but not without some disadvantages, like some lyrics may not be available from its database for certain songs you like, and the app does not offer reading the lyrics you have.
The good news is there another free option to fill up the gap. Grab this great music player for lyrics Medoly. It is free and reads your local lyrics, either saved separately in lyrics text files or embedded in mp3 files on your mobile device, with no Internet connection required. Both synced and unsynced lyrics are pure text, easily editable with some MP3 Tag Editors and embedded in mp3 files, with synced lyrics commonly using this frame id “SYLT” and unsynced lyrics “USLT”. Not many music players offer reading synced lyrics embeded in mp3 files, despite they do unsynced lyrics. Melody not only offers it, and does it well.

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  1. Gizmo also reviewed this today. Google search got me here. Tried it, I have one song with lyrics embedded, worked perfect, now need to dig up more online. I'm an old geeser, so slow learning for me, the youngens can probably get it in 5 minutes. Sure wish Jojo Yee, had it layed out in '70 Years old' jargon. Having a hard time figuring out how to make a play list. Thanks for letting me rant.